STPA Software Solution

Are you still using pen and paper for STPA in the systems engineering process?

Autonomous ferry Captain's virtual control room

Autonomous ferry Falco's virtual control room in Turku, Finland. * Image: Niclas Lundqvist / Yle

Using STPA to provide leading indicators of risk, effective safety management system, and cyber security

STPA module

The STPA module for RM Studio is a stand alone module that can be quickly installed and setup. The module includes a powerful modeling library provided by yWorks that is used in several elements of the module (CS modeling, Hazard - Loss relationship, Loss Scenarios). The STPA tool can be operated by one user or shared by multiple users in different locations to perform STPA.

Control Structure Modeling

Modeling the Control Structure (CS) is one of the first steps to building an STPA. The yWorks diagramming library is easy to use and extremely efficient for modeling the CS. Many hours were spent customizing the diagramming tool to perfectly fit with the requirements of the STPA Control Structure. Features included: drag-n-drop, annotation layer, one click control loop, and multiple diagrams for a single model.


Identifying Losses & Hazards

Another early step in the STPA process is the identification of Losses and the Hazards that lead to the loss. While creating your lists of losses and hazards, you can quickly link hazards-losses, hazards-hazards, and hazards-constraints. As a bonus, you can diagram the relationship between losses, hazards and constraints, providing you with an excellent animated visual representation of the connections between.


Unsafe Control Actions

Formerly know as Step 1, the Unsafe Control Action (UCA) identification is critical step in STPA. All of the Control Actions created in the CS diagramming are populated in the UCA analysis for you. After selecting the UCA categories (keywords) to use in the analysis, you are ready to assess. The hazards and constraints are available in the UCA analysis to link to the identified UCA.

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Loss Scenarios

The Loss Scenarios analysis (formerly Step 2) is the last step. The loss scenarios combine several components already created, such as the control loops from the CS, the UCAs identified, and the hazards. A Progress Check is used to ensure completion of and consistency in the Loss Scenarios, UCAs, and CS model.

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