System requirements

System requirements

Please read the system requirements prior to installing RM Studio.

RM Studio Client

Minimum  Recommended
Operating system:  Windows Vista/Windows 7/8/10

Windows Server 2008/2012/2015

 Windows Windows 8/10

Windows Server 2012/2015

 Processor:  Intel 1.8 GHz or similar   Intel 2.4 GHz dual core

or better

 Memory:  2 GB  4 GB
Disk Space:  1 GB free disk space  2 GB free disk space
Screen resolution:  1024×768  1920×1080


SQL Server Database

A Microsoft SQL Server Database is required to store the program data. The program comes with a Local Database for a single user setup but also supports a shared remote database for multi-user functionality.

 Minimum  Recommended
 Server MS Local Database 2012 (local)

SQL Server 2008 Express R2 SP2 (shared/remote)

 MS Local Database 2012 (local)

SQL Server 2012/2014 Express/Enterprise (shared/remote)


RM Studio Web Interface

 Web Server  Windows Server 2008 R2 or greater

IIS 7 or greater

Support for Windows domain authentication

 Browser  IE11+/Firefox/Chrome/Safari or equivalent

How do we support you?

Our team of risk management experts will assist you with the first steps of using RM Studio. We believe in providing you a brief tutorial and guidance in order to allow you to use of RM Studio should be provided.

Our team will:

  • Provide a demonstration on the functionality of RM Studio
  • Assist with setup of the software, if needed
  • Provide online training and instructions on how to best use RM Studio to accomplish your organizational goals
  • Provide continuous support on any question you may have regarding RM Studio