IT Governance solution

IT Governance begins and ends with an engaged leadership team.

Increasing engagement for better decision making through the IT Governance solution

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IT Governance Web Solution

IT Governance is meant to see that leadership needs are understood and systems are in place to meet these expectations, while moving towards the organization's overall goal. Thus, governance actions make sure that vital management information is complete, precise and timely to enable appropriate decision making, and provide proper controls to ensure that strategies, objectives and instructions from management are systematic and effective.
IT Governance tools:

Web solution interface

The risk owners and stakeholders can use the web solution and only manage their responsibilites.

Business Entity Asset Manager

Assets can be shared across business entities, but risk mitigation strategies executed individually.


Reporting can be done in through the client or on the web solution.

Policies and Procedures Management solution

Policies and Procedures Management solution through the Document manager in the client and web solution.

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