RM Studio is the solution for you to manage risk of the increasingly complex socio-technical systems

Risk Management Studio is the Integrated Risk Management Framework companies and institutions are choosing to clarify their vision for governance, risk and compliance.

The IRMF software provides an extensive toolkit of solutions that guide you through the implementation of risk management policies, processes and procedures.

Preparation through Analysis

For Confidence in Approach

RM Studio will guide you through through the dangers ahead:

The Integrated Risk Management Framework solutions are designed to work together based on organizational structure, but can be independently customized to best meet your unique business needs.
The IRMF tools: risk assessment and treatment, control implementation effectiveness, incident management and business continuity, and web solution are excellent for inclusion of risk owners and stakeholders in the strategy and decision making.
The Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) module is the cutting edge socio-technical systems hazards and safety risk analysis that will debut at the end of this year and further enhancing the IRMF solution.
We are consistently advising and learning with our clients through our consultancy practice. Our best practices and lessons learned are presented in concise, yet thorough articles and blogs.
The information contained in the articles and blogs is freely available for you to use in your practice.