Integrated risk management solution for socio-technical systems

Analyzing Your Environment

RM Studio is designed to guide you:
Risk Management is the foundation of RM Studio, and we have evolved the platform into an Integrated Risk Management Framework.
Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) is a cutting edge risk analysis and we have a new module in RM Studio that enhances our IRMF.
The web solution or our IRMF is excellent for inclusion of risk owners and stakeholders into the process by aiding with business decision making.
We are consistently advising and learning with our clients through our consultancy practice. Our best practices and lessons learned are presented in concise, yet thorough articles and blogs.
The information contained in the articles and blogs is freely available for you to use in your practice.

At Stiki - Information Security we specialize in consulting and software solutions with an emphasis on integrated risk management, quality control, and information security.