Business Partners


RM Studio Business Partner program

The RM Studio Business Partner program is designed to bring value and benefit to our partners and their clients. The Business Partners are strategically chosen and trained by RM Studio experts to provide exceptional levels of customer service and support with our Integrated Risk Management Framework. We enable our partners to deliver to their clients a dynamic risk management toolkit that is proven to organize and streamline the implementation and compliance process of multiple international standards, specifically ISO/IEC 27001.

Key Benefits of the Business Partner Program

  • Competitive advantage to increase your revenues and service levels;
  • Effective and efficient risk management solution enabling you to provide risk management frameworks for any market segment;
  • Knowledge transfer, online sales training, and a dedicated account manager;
  • Frequent technical upgrades and marketing updates;
  • Pre- and post-sales support along with technical support.

Partner success story


An information technology and security company specializing in ISMS risk management consulting for organizations implementing or restructuring their ISMS.


Our Partner’s client is an international lottery solutions software and technology provider that’s an industry leader in innovation and technology. A desire to create and fortify a resilient strategy for information security, especially in regards to intellectual property protection is the client’s objective.


The Lottery Solutions software industry is a rapidly changing technical environment, where innovation to provide new unique solutions is crucial for commercial success in the hyper-competitive market. The industry faces strict compliance demands from regulatory authorities daily and maintaining compliance and certifications for multiple International and Local Standards is a challenge in this environment. The client desperately needed a simple solution to centralize and maintain the integrity of the ISMS risk management strategy across several locations in multiple countries.


The Partner’s consulting services package provide the client:

  • ISMS redesign and implementation with supporting risk management strategy
  • RM Studio installation to centrally manage the compliance/internal audits
  • Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Management with RM Studio
  • GAP Analysis and Control Maturity annual reviews and audits with RM Studio
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013, WLA-SCS, ISO/IEC 22301 certifications


The Client has successfully completed certification and re-certification for multiple standards with zero non-conformities several times. The Partner continues to support the Client through internal auditing and maintenance.

We are currently seeking motivated business partners.

Partnering with RM Studio, gives you the opportunity to provide this high caliber risk management solution to your clients at a sharply discounted cost. You will also have the support you need form us and our experienced team of risk management professionals. The RM Studio Partner Program develops mutual long-term growth, provides you with differentiation in the market and improves profitability for you and us.

Strategic Business Partners


The Risk Management platform has been tested and verified by Microsoft Platform Technology. Stiki did carry the Microsoft Partner designation (2008-2022). This partnership was key to the development of RM Studio, enabling the company to utilize the latest technology from Microsoft.