Support and Upgrade

Upgrading RM Studio

Every major version upgrade of RM Studio requires a download and install. With your annual license you receive a one hour installation and upgrading assistance from us, if required. We will schedule a time that you agree to and we can work with whomever you assign to the version and database upgrading task (i.e. IT personnel).

We highly recommend backing up your RM Studio database as often as logical, but definitely prior to installing the version upgrade as a precaution. The database is managed and upgraded separately from the client installation, so your data should always remain untouched during upgrading.

Upgrade on your own? No problem, follow these instructions:

  • Download the installer file from our website
  • Execute the file and wait for the installer to configure and complete the installation
  • Once the install is complete, open RM Studio but don't login
  • Click the Settings button to enter the database manager
  • Database Upgrade

Database Upgrade

After installing the new version of RM Studio, you will need to perform a database upgrade as well. You have to close and restart RM Studio to access the login window. From the login window, click the ‘Settings’ button to access the Database Settings.

Follow these instructions: Database Upgrade.

If you would prefer a little assistance from us, simply send and email to

We will reply to ask about some times you have available in your schedule, so if you want to include this information in your reply, we will save some time.

A person with the appropriate access rights and permission may be required, so if you didn't install the original database nor upgraded a database in the past, please connect with someone who has the rights and permissions prior to scheduling a time with us.

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