Web Module

Stakeholder Web Module

Now you can include risk owners in the process with one click.

We know how difficult the task can be to chase down information from the leadership teams, especially if they are spread across continents. RM Studio’s brand new Stakeholder Web Module provides a web-based assessment tool for the critical people involved in the risk management process. The web module is an extension of the Tasks and Responsibilities module in RM Studio allowing the risk owners a simple way to assess risk. The web module is setup on the internal network and not hosted off site. Our recomendation is to use the same server as the RM Studio database, because this optimizes the performance for a speedy turnaround of information.

How does it work?

The risk managment team assigns tasks in the RM Studio client to the risk owners and notifies them with a one click email. The risk owners simply click on the web link to access the webpage assessment tool. Once they have completed the assessments they mark the task from “In Progress” to “Waiting Approval” and the assigner of the task is notified via email. Then the evaluated risks are reviewed and if approved, added to the RM Studio risk assessment. if the risk manager doesn’t approve the evaluations, they simply change the status back to “In Progress” and the risk owner is notified.