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RM Studio is designed and developed by Klappir Green Solutions, formerly Stiki – Information Security, and still headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Born out of a merger of 3 companies focused on environmental smart solutions, Klappir Green Solutions formed in 2015 in Reykjavík, Iceland. The 3 companies were working in different sectors of environmental management, Ocean transport log books, smart fleet management, and environmental impact assessment. The 3 solutions were combined into one holistic platform for smart environmental management in the cloud, Klappir Green Solutions. On 27th of September, 2017, Klappir Green Solutions began trading shares on the Nasdaq First North Market (KLAPP B).

We simply refer to the company as Klappir. Our smart environmental management solutions collect, process, compile and transmit environmental data, allowing companies, institutions and governments alike to analyze their emissions and energy usage. That’s not all, the system also helps set statistical goals and provides up to the minute reports to gain a comprehensive overview of all polluting factors in the operations. The unique software is among the first information systems of its kind in the world that takes a holistic approach to environmental accounting.

Currently expanding internationally, Klappir has already built up a vibrant environmental network of more than 300 companies in Iceland, across ten different industries, and is helping players both small and large take up smart environmental management and minimize their footprint on land, sea, and in the air.

In June 2019 Klappir Green Solutions and Stiki - Information Security joined forces. The merger was an "ah-ha" moment for both companies and the future evolution of the environmental management software combined with the risk management and business continuity software to provide an even more holistic operational and asset management system.

We bring value to societies by developing and delivering sustainability management software solutions to businesses, municipalities, investors and governments, enabling them to protect, sustain and enhance natural resources for the future.
Our business operations are performed through an ISMS certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by the British Standards Institution.

Our Mission Statement

To make industry leading sustainability management software solutions affordable for all.

Our Vision

To create long-term quantifiable sustainability value for societies by our software solutions.

Our Values

We are frugal and use resources wisely.

We lead in a passionate way, providing cutting edge sustainability solutions.

We are responsible towards stakeholders whether customers, shareholders, each other and the environment

Our Way

The business strategy we use to guide our activities is aligned to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

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Our Growth Strategy

There is a growing international demand for efficient sustainability management software solutions to improve environmental accounting and reporting, along with related legal services and professional guidance centered on sustainability management.

We are meeting this demand and scaling up, recognizing the current window of opportunity.

Smart Data Driven Technology

Klappir's Environmental Emissions SaaS

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