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RM Studio is designed and developed by Stiki e.h.f., headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland. Established in 1992, we specialize in ISMS consulting and software solutions development with an emphasis on integrated risk management and information security.

Shortly after the turn of the century we decided to go for the certification for the BS 7799-2 (ISO 27001) and the ISO 9001. During our journey to achieving one of the first BS-7799-2 certifications in Iceland, we learned several key lessons and quickly discovered the need for a better solution than what spreadsheets could offer. Our continuous improvement activities for the annual re-certification and the ISMS business consulting we were performing prompted us to make a risk management software solution our clients could also use.

We decided to turn our consulting services into a software.

Now our happy clients are even happier, they have a system that does most of the work for them, while providing extensive proof of the implementation efforts across the organizations.

Today we are are comprised of a software development division and a professional service division. The software development is the maker of RM Studio for integrated risk management, and Residence Assistance Information platform for health care services providers, specifically elderly care. The professional services we provide compliment the software development.

Pictured below is the RM Studio team of leaders, consultants, and developers. Operational team members and contract consultants are not pictured.

Our business operations are performed through an ISMS certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by the British Standards Institution.

Our Mission Statement

Stiki strives to offer a holistic integrated risk management solution, that will be continuously improved based on the demands of our customers, industries, and trends. Stiki has set the target for all of its solutions and services to always fulfil the business needs and expectations of our clients, staff and business partners through professionalism and very high standards.

Our Values

  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Trust
  • Security

Our Vision

Stiki aims to offer a complete information security solution in the future. Stiki has also set the target for all of its services to always fulfil the needs and expectations of clients, staff and partners for applicability and professionalism. Stiki further aims to:
Ensure the product development is executed in accordance with International Standards and Regulations, in particular information security and data privacy protection.
Ensure regular upgrades to the software that keeps pace with the amendments to standards and business trends.
Comply with all laws and regulations valid in the market, that include respecting the copyright of the third-parties, especially the International Standards, by promptly paying for the use of their intellectual property.
Show regard for customer's and client's feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding product performance and development by providing top of class, professional services based on our staff's knowledge, integrity and trust.
Operate in a cost-efficient manner in order to deliver excellent products and services to customers for the agreed payment terms, as well as dividends to shareholders.
Offer businesses and institutions high-quality software solutions by combining experience, knowledge and guidance in the software solutions.
"RM Studio's world class service and support have been vital to us working with the tool and understanding how we can best utilize its rich features."

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Contact us

Phone: +354 570 0600 ♦ Office hours: 09:00-17:00 (GMT)

Email: info@riskmanagementstudio.com

Leadership Team

We are a team of highly experienced people with passion for providing the best integrated risk management solutions.

Svana Helen Björnsdóttir

CEO and Founder, Board of Directors, STPA Consultant, Quality/Risk Management Expert

Christo Brown

Director Sales and Marketing, RM Studio Training Lead

Aron Friðrik Georgsson

Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001, ISMS Consultant, Data Protection Officer

Sæmundur E. Þorsteinsson

ISO27001 Lead Auditor, IT Infrastructure consultant, Board of Directors

Our Passion is solutions development

The software development team focuses on crafting the best solutions for integrated risk management and compliance. We host secure data for organizations that require the utmost information security and privacy protection. These data centers have been servicing the critical requirements of various ministries of the Icelandic government, Icelandic medical authorities, hospitals and other such institutions.

Stiki is (since 2002) ISO/IEC 27001 certified and adheres to the procedures stipulated by that standard. All software development by Stiki, like Risk Management Studio, is quality certified. Since RM Studio's inception we have been partnering with Iceland's Technology Development Fund (Tækniþróunarsjóður - TÞS - Rannís). The funding and guidance they have provided Stiki over the years has been a tremendous benefit and we look forward to our next engagement.

Stiki continues to earn the coveted Microsoft Gold Partner status. In order to gain this status, Stiki put it's RM Studio Software to the ultimate test to pass the Microsoft Software Solutions Competency. This Competency recognizes the skill and focus partners bring to a particular solution set. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners that have obtained this competency have a successful record of developing and marketing packed software based on Microsoft technologies.