Features – RM Studio: Business Continuity Management Module


Simplify Your Business Continuity Program with a Centralized Repository
Combine all aspects of business continuity and recovery plans, including; organizations, resources processes, requirements, impact analyses and recovery plans into one solution, allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your business continuity program.


Test the Effectiveness and Perform Intermittent Reviews
Users can test and track the results of business continuity and recovery plans, bringing attention and identifying issues, gaps, and areas of improvement that exist in the plan to ensure an appropriate plan is in place.


Systematic Approach to the Business Continuity Planning Process
Utilize a systematic approach within RM Studio to develop business continuity and recovery plans for all aspects of your organization, ensuring all members of your team employ the same methodology in the business continuity planning process.


Manage Multiple Business Continuity Plans for a Single Organization or Multiple Organizations
The RM Studio: Business Continuity Management Modules allows users to manage multiple business continuity management and recovery plans, an ideal feature for consultants or top level BCP managers.


Report on the Business Continuity and Recover Plan Program
Utilize the reporting and exporting functions within RM Studio to produce a holistic overview of the entire business continuity and recovery plan program, or focus your report on specific plans. Users can export reports into Word, Excel, or PDF allowing for effective communication throughout the organization. All user data can be exported at the click of a button.