Cybersecurity Risk

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification through the Integrated Risk Management Framework

Cybersecurity and Information Security are everyone's responsibility.

Customisable for multiple risk management frameworks and risk strategies

Cybersecurity Risk Management module

RM Studio is made of several modules that can be operated alone or in combination to form the Integrated Risk Management solution. We often refer to the modular structure as a toolkit comprised of many tools.
The tools included (but not limited to):

Risk Assessment

Complete risk assessment geared towards protecting your assets through the risk owners.

Business Entity Asset Manager

Assets can be shared across business entities, but risk mitigation strategies executed individually.

Risk Treatment

Combining the work in the risk assessment with the control maturity assessment provides a clear understanding of risk mitigation.

Control to Threat mapping

Before starting the risk assessment, review our default mapping and edit to your preference, so the data populates in the treatment.

Screen grabs of the tools above

You can get a simple view of the toolkit from these, but we want to provide you with a proper demonstration on how it all works.

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