Compliance requires a constant and collective team effort.

Optimized for ISO/IEC 27001 certification and GDPR compliance

Compliance module

RM Studio is made of several modules that can be operated alone or in combination to form the Integrated Risk Management solution. We often refer to the modular structure as a toolkit comprised of many tools.
The tools included (but not limited to):

Gap analysis

Complete Gap analysis that provides a clear understanding of where the organization's compliance stands and what remains for the next stages.

Document Manager

Assigning documents (policies, procedures, assessments) to specific controls or regulations, as a burden of proof. Using the web solution allows for assigning documents to relevant stakeholders and risk owners who are responsible.

Control Maturity and Effectiveness

Taking the understanding of the control implementation to a more sophisticated level by evaluating the maturity and effectiveness of implemented controls.

Standard to Regulation mapping

An excellent tool to align the efforts of your team working towards compliance to multiple standards, regulations, and laws.

Screen grabs of the tools above

You can get a simple view of the toolkit from these, but we want to provide you with a proper demonstration on how it all works.

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